My HG story: Sarah Walshaw Brown

⁠I was 7wks pregnant when I started to vomit. All-day, waking up in the middle of the night half asleep vomiting all over my bed. This became my reality for my first pregnancy. My OB didn’t have a lot of information and never told me about HG, although he was able to put me straight on all the usual meds. I continued to work through my first pregnancy and carried a bin or zip lock bags with me wherever I went. It was hard but the excitement of being pregnant for the very first time got me through. ⁠

My second pregnancy - 6wks and vomiting violently. There were times I was throwing up so much that I was vomiting blood as I had torn something in my throat. This pregnancy I was mentally not good either, I had never felt so isolated. I wanted this baby so much, but the relentless vomiting and nausea got me. I wish I had spoken up more to family and friends about this - I wish I didn’t try to be “brave”⁠

My third pregnancy I knew what was coming - 7wks and it hit again - back on all the meds. The usual stays in hospital the IV fluids, the pain where they tried to get the veins but couldn’t because of dehydration - the stomach aches from hunger, but you knew when you ate it wouldn’t stay down for long, trying to think of things to eat that wouldn’t hurt or taste vile coming back up. Looking after 2 kids under 4 was hard. I was exhausted this time around - I was a zombie. I couldn’t swallow my spit, I literally sat in the same position on my couch for 16 weeks with my “spit towel”. The couch now sags where I lay for so many weeks. The first time I was admitted to hospital with my third pregnancy I was only 9wks. They put me in the maternity ward, I remember thinking it was some cruel joke as I had such a long time to go, so many more vomits to come, more hospital stays, more isolation to get to the end result.⁠

It’s ok to cry, feel all the emotions and sit with them, adult nappies will be your best friend, take the help when it’s offered, smash that coke, hot chips, Slurpee or whatever helps you get through that next hour. Remember the next hour gets you one hour closer to meeting that precious piece of joy you have created. ⁠