Leaving the house


Unfortunately, no matter how sick you are, there will come a time when you have to leave the house - for doctor’s appointments or to go to ED if nothing else. This can be a particularly stressful event when you have HG but there are a few things to keep in mind before you set out.

Build a ‘sick kit’

If you are well enough to leave the house - it’s okay if you’re not - you may find it helpful to have a ‘sick kit’. This will be useful if you find yourself needing to be sick while out and about. Put some of the following items in a bag and keep it in your car, so that you can grab it when you’re on the go and feel prepared in any situation.

  • Wet wipes or tissues for cleaning your face and hands (or any vomit spills)

  • Sick bags like these for a discreet and mess-free place to be sick

  • Disposable nappy bags to stash the mess when you’re done

  • A bottle of water to rinse your mouth

  • Mints or other sweets to get rid of the aftertaste

  • Spare packets of medication (if you’re using any) so you don’t get caught out

  • Hand sanitiser for feeling extra cleaned up

  • Spare undies or panty liners if your bladder struggles during vomiting

Car travel

Some women find being a passenger in a car exacerbates their nausea, leading to increased vomiting. If you can drive, this may be slightly easier on you. However, if you need to drive during a particularly bad period of vomiting, being a passenger will be infinitely easier to manage.

Bladder control

It’s no secret that during pregnancy a woman’s bladder suffers dreadfully - having a baby dancing on it for nine months will do that! Don’t put yourself under more pressure by trying to hold it in - especially during periods of intense vomiting. Try and empty your bladder before you leave the house, and keep an eye on public toilets while you’re out and about. Relaxin, a hormone produced during pregnancy, wreaks havoc on your bladder and control can be particularly difficult to maintain while vomiting. But remember, all pregnant women have peed their pants at some point - so don’t worry if you do!